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Company History

Head office
April,1933 Started manufacturing canned tuna and mandarin orange under the name of SANKYO SHOKAI.
August,1942 Merged with Shizuoka Prefectural Canning Co., Ltd. and became its operating plant.
February,1946 Established YAMAMOTO SHOUTEN flourmill, producing tsukudani, bottled water, and ran a wholesale food store.
September,1947 Reorganized to YAMAMOTO FOOD INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. and the wholesale department separated as YAMAMOTO SHOUTEN Co., Ltd.
March,1953 Established KESENNUMA FOOD Co., Ltd.
November,1958 Established YUI TOKUSAN CANNING Co., Ltd.
April,1963 Established TAKARA SHOKUHIN Co.,Ltd.
June,1966 Established HOTEI TRANSPORTATION Co., Ltd.
November,1967 Constructed Fujikawa Plant.
January,1968 Merged KESENNUMA FOOD Co., Ltd., YUl TOKUSAN CANNING Co., Ltd., and TAKARA FOOD Co.,Ltd. and changed the company's name to HOTEI CANNING Co., Ltd.
December,1970 New sale for Canned barbecued chicken(Yakitori)
November,1979 Constructed Horikawa Distribution Center.
October,1983 Established HOTEI ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.
April,1984 Separated Kesennuma Plant as KESENNUMA HOTEI Co., Ltd.
April,1985 Completion Fujikawa Drink plant.(Canned drinks)
February,1988 Established SIAM HOTEI Co., Ltd. THAILAND.
December,1988 Completed the new head office building.
November,1990 Established NINGBO HAIJING FOODSTUFF Co., Ltd. CHINA.(Canned mandarin orange)
October,1993 Changed the company's name to HOTEI FOODS CORPORATION LIMITED.
January,1995   New sale for Aloe Vera.
May,1995 Inaugurated Fujikawa Bottling Plant.(Plastic bottled drinks)
November,1995 Bought out PRANBRI FRUIT INDUSTRY(1994)Co., Ltd. THAILAND.(Canned pineapple)
February,1997 Changed name from THAI PRANBURI FRUIT INDUSTRY (1994) to PRANBURI HOTEI Corp.
February,1999 Completed Fujikawa Bottling Factory No.2 Plant
October,2002 Kambara plant acquired the approval for HACCP.
October,2006 Fujikawa Bottling plant and Fujikawa Drink plant(the first plant) acquired the approval for HACCP.
June,2007 Section related to beverage production acqired the approval ISO9001
October,2007 Liquid diet Plant begin production
May,2009 Section related to Fujikawa Plant acqired the approval ISO14001
June,2009 Liquid diet plants acquired the approval for ISO9001
February,2012 Completed Fujikawa Factory Drink Plant(pet bottle) The 3rd Line
June,2012 Fujikawa Factory Food Plant acquired the approval for ISO9001.
June,2013 Kambara, Fujikawa, and the Yui factory acquire the approval for FSSC22000.
September,2016 SD plant begin production.
December,2016 SD plant acquire the approval for FSSC22000.
April,2017 Opened "HOTEI FOODS direct sales shop"
July,2017 Closed Yui factory